Soft shadows?

Hey people.

So I need to know how to make a light give off soft shadows instead of hard shadows. This is for an English project so I need to know pretty quickly.


look in wiki page for AO this affect the shadows soft to hard

also in latest 2.48 you have colored shadows new features
that you can check out
cool stuff

at the top of the webpage click on tutorial you’ll find this one

but it is an oldy so check the latest wikipage it’s probably more advanced -upto date and check the latest release for 2.48


If you look at the settings of the light in the defult seen you will see soft size and samples: samples contols the quality/speed of the soft shdows, it must be more then one to turn them on, and soft size controls the softness. These settings are for ray-traceed soft shadows, which are very slow, but hi quality and easy to use.

If you change your light to a spot light, and then click the buf. shadow button, you will see the settings for buffer shadows, which are MUCH faster then ray-traced soft shadows, but slightly harder to use, and not quite as nice. The settings you need to be consered wilth are: Shadow buffer size(change it by draging): this controls the resolotion of the shadow. Shadow buffer shadows work by taking a picture of your model, and this is the resolotion of that picture, you will need to rase it if your modal has very thin parts. Soft: very self explanitory, contols the softness. Samples: controls the quality of the softness, you will need to turn it up if the soft parts of your shadows look liney.

Hope the solves your problem. :slight_smile:

Ok sweet. Thanks people.