Soft Shadows

Well, its more of a hack than anything else and maybe it has been done before but I’m not sure so I thought I would share:

It basically uses a baked shadow map which is then used as a ‘texture’ in a spot light. The spotlight is then parented to the object and positioned above it looking straight down. The spotlight then has its energy turned down to a negative number, say -8.00 or whatever suits the scene.

This has a few inaccuracies namely the fact that the shadow appears to shrink the closer the object is to it because the spotlight ‘projects’ from a single point as opposed to say, a sun light.

But for my purposes it works well:

This is a great idea.

This is the first time I’ve seen something so clever! Well done.

Lightwave 3D had a way of faking softshadows with the spinning light trick and doing 5 passes of motion blur between frames. Is it possible to recreate that effect in BGE ?

Softshadows by shaking the crap out of the lamp and spinning it and then applying lots of motion blur. This works but i need to apply it to the shadow only and not to the camera. In other words we need some serious shadow filtering options.


ProtoType 010.blend (150 KB)