Softbodies/Cloth in Cycles and Making a Group have Collision

Hi all,
My first thread on BA so hope I’m posting it in the right place.

First of all let me explain my situation:
I have modelled a sword using multiple meshes/materials and am finally happy with the end result.
As it is a still for a presentation that I am doing I thought that it would be a nice idea to have the sword mounted on a cushionned surface in a laminate wooden box however (being a noob at blender cycles physics!) have been unable to do so.
I have made all of the parts of the sword a group and thought to achieve the look of it sitting on a cushionned surface I could add collision and let it fall onto a cloth plane creating the illusion that it has been positionned there for viewing, etc however when I add collision to the group only one part of the sword has that collision.

Think that is everything, basically has anyone got any tips, tricks or tutorials out there that can help me learn the ins and outs of physics in blender cycles.

All help and advice much appreciated ;D

Thanx in advance,

the concept of groups in blender is just a collection of object, other than that they have no properties, if you want collision on all the objects in a group, you need to add it to all the objects.

That’s interesting. I wonder if “Joining” would work better than “Grouping”. It seems then all the meshes should behave as one. I think there is a way to un-join afterward to recover your original sword model, or you could just back it up. (Not positive about any of this…)

Thanx DavePSB, the only downside to joining all of my objects is that then all of the materials become the same :L

Hey hexy, you can add multiple materials to one object, and then assign each material to different faces in edit mode.

I often join meshs after modeling and they keep whatever materials I have them set to! how do you join them ??

Ctrl+j… the standard way?? :wink: