Softbodie's collisions???

Hi everybody, I’m trying to do somekind of Locorroco, the problem is looks like there’s no way to detect collision with softbodies, with Rigid bodies is working fine, but not with soft, I’m using a test version of 2.49 from graphicall wich is the latest, but in the official RC1 and in 2.48 doesn’t work also the collision trigering with softbodies, any idea?


I’m assuming you mean the collision sensor? I, too, am not getting any results with collision sensors on softbodies. This is probably a bug… but it could just be a not-yet-implemented feature (softbodies are relatively new).


yeah that feature is still un-supported…

Yep, I use the near sensor as an alternative for now…

Thanks for the TIP , Minifig. Hopefully they will add in the final 2.49. EDIT: mmm… I cannot make it work with the NEAR sensor.

That’s odd.
It worked for me.:stuck_out_tongue: