Softbodies for still frames

Hey folks, another question I’m hoping I can get help with.

I’m trying to make a still frame of a setting. Basically right now it’s just a table and a tablecloth. I know I could model it all by hand but softbodies can do a much better job at a natural look.

Here is the issue. Whenever I make the tablecloth a softbody and bake it, it swings around wildly. I have my collisions set up correctly but the overhang of the tablecloth swings around. I think this is because the table cloth has to drop.

What I’m looking for is how to set the end position of the bake so the tablecloth sits naturally due to gravity’s effect.

Are you using soft bodies or the cloth simulation?
Have an example blend to show the problem you’re having.

I was under the impression that you had to have soft bodies enabled in order to use cloth. I see that isn’t the case. I disabled softbodies and I’m just using cloth now.

I don’t have an example blend unfortunately. I’ll try to explain again more clearly. I can be unclear sometimes.

So I have a table set up and I have a plane above it. The table is the collision object and the plane is the cloth object. I want to drop the table cloth on the table. I want the cloth to become relaxed right away. Right now, when I bake it, the ends that hang over the table swing around and the corners bunch and flair out in an unnatural way.

Try some of the different material presets to see if any give a better result than others. Juts bake the simulation and when you get the look you want after it has settled down just apply the coth modifier to fix its shape.
Cloth sim documentation