Softbodies self collision

Hi all.Is there a way to avoid intersection while simulate softbodies in blender like with simcloth in 3ds max,something like self collision ?

something like self collision ?



im sure something like this may come about

in cvs you can now use lattice and curve with softbody, an idea that comes to my head just now, why not use a lattice controlling the thing you want softbody, make the lattice the actual softbody (this is a lot faster) and then make the mesh of the child deflection?

heheh god knows if this will work, but im gonna try it now

Ok, but how do I set weights for a lattice? Or a curve? In my case I’m using a curve to control hair, and I want one end to be fixed. With a mesh, I would just paint a weight on to that end, but I haven’t found a way to do it with a curve (or a latice).

in edit mode press N (trasform properties), then you can set the weight for vertices in curves and lattices.

I really would like to see someone get lattices working with softbodies with self collision - I find softbodies a pain with all the artifacts generated by self intersection and there are some artifacts I don’t quite understand why they appear (nevermind). Anyway, with a 10x speed improvement and some of the new improvements there is potential for softbodies to become genuinely useful.

Harkyman once proposed a “Mesh deformer” a while back which essentially would be a lattice-like mesh you contain your “high-res” mesh in. The problem with just using softbodies on lattices with a weight map is the geometry - if you wanted to make a tree sway in the wind, there is no way of making a lattice that spilts out for the major branches.

I am not sure how the curves operate on softbodies but as curves are one dimensional, I don’t think they would be as good as lattices which have volume.

I would go and try this all out myself but I have lost track of which test builds have the new tools included (or is it just the cvs?)