Softbodies sim

Hello guys!

I’ve been working on a simple scene last week and I encountered a problem which I have no idea how to solve. I want to fill a container with soft bodies and then twist it (screenshot attached).

I’ve been fooling around with the settings a lot of hours and I just can’t get it right. The container has Collision applied with the default settings - I played around with the Inner slider but I get all kind of strange results.
For the balls - I’ve applied soft body and collision. I played around mostly with Bending option inside the soft body settings.
I watched a lot of tutorials on Youtube on how soft bodies work but it doesn’t seem to work right - I’m also attaching a short video on one of the results - click.

So, my general goal is to fill the container with a few soft body balls and when the container starts twisting, the balls should twist too. Can someone help me out on this?

Also, in order to twist the soft body balls inside the container, do I need to apply the Simple deform modifier to the container? I can also provide a .blend file if needed.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile: