Softbody and Cloth


I tried to post this yesterday, but I think the thread didn’t show up because I put in a link. :confused:

Anyway I have a problem which is for sure a common one. Couldn’t find anything about it though. I have a softbody and cloth. Collision between the two works fine when playing animation. When moving around the armature however the two objects clip over eachother. Is there a simple way to prevent that? The example is on youtube - watch?v=8xzKJr4nWUY - just the last 3 seconds.

Still the same problem. I’ve thought of 2 solutions.

  1. Don’t render the parts that aren’t going to be visible anyway - this should be working for the foot in the image.
  2. Switch the material underneath to the same as the cloth - this should work for the butt.

The only question is: How do I do that in Blender?