Softbody-button and attaching bone to item.

Problem 1. : I just watched videotutorial where somebody uses Softbody-button, wich should be here:
I think tutorial was made using earlier version, so where is it now?

Problem 2. : When adding bones to something, how can I tell wich verticles are attached to wich bone? Because when I boned my hand, it only moved some verticles so fingers streched.

1.Click the physics button:
It Should be in that panel.

2.Go into edit mode, and deselect everything. Look in the ‘Links and Materials’ Panel. Under vertex group select the name of the vertex group that corresponds to the bone you are working with. Press the Select Button and it will select all vertices that are assigned to the bone. You can edit the assignments with other buttons there as well.

And another problem: How can I create IPO Curve? I can open editro that has grids, but can put that curve. Already choosen action from right, and a valid object, but I don’t know the button. :o

I don’t have any vertex groups in my hand. :S What are they and how can I make them?

And by the way, here is my first video where I messed whith softbody.

To create an IPO curve, you must have the object selected, then select what channel you want it to effect. Channels are on the right side of the screen and are like Rotx, Roty, Rotz, Locx, Locz, Locy, Layers, etc. With a channel selected, you can then ctrl+leftclick to add a point. To add more points select the curve you want, press tab and again ctrl+left click where you want them.

You are probably using envelopes then. I personally don’t think envelopes give enough control, but some people do. I’ve always liked vert groups. To create a vertex group, under the ‘vertex group’ text in edit buttons press the ‘New’ Button. Give it the name of the bone which you want to have influence over. Then select the vertices which you want the bone to deform. Press the ‘Assign’ Button and then continue to do the process of New, Rename, Assign for all bones that you want to have moving vertices. You might want to look at the Gus tutorial in the blender manual and look for the animation section (you will have to navigate through some pages to find it).

Your softbodies look good by the way.