softbody cloth and collision detection

Is there a way to do accurate collision detection, eg: it seems that softbody collision detection only does object bounds, for example, lay a cloth over a cube, and the cloth forms a circle and the cube’s corners stick through it.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

secondly, for softbody to work how I want it to, I want the cloth to do collision detection on itself, so it can’t fold through itself, and act more like cloth.

To eliminate the need for collision detection for this, I wan’t to make a mesh of pure isoceles triangles (equal sided) this way, there would be no weaker points along any of the edges, and I can use edge stiffness to determine how bendy the cloth is, without it appearing as superfine silk.

My question is, secondly, how to make a mesh of isoceles triangles accurately.

For #2: Try selecting all vertices and hitting ctrl + t.

Hope that works for you.


See my examples here,

Basically increase the geometry with subsurf.

I used the following settings for cloth,
friction: 4.4
mass: 1
use goal: create a vertex group for whole cloth and use that setting weight to 0
G Stiff: 0.8
G Min: 0.2
G Damp: 5.4
G Max: 1
Use Edges
Stiff Quads
E Stiff: 0.8
E Damp: 5

Use the bjornmose improvements it is much, much faster for softbody.