Softbody/Cloth/etc settings in Linked Groups

How do they work? I have a model which at the moment incorporates both cloth and softbody. This behaves the way I want it to in its own file. When I link it from another file, the mesh just acts rigid - softbody doesn’t happen.

How can I enable this?

Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work at the moment. And there’s not realyl any way to get it to work. Fingers crossed for an updated proxy system in 2.5 - its been talked about briefly, and might solve these kinds of problems.

This may be a good thread to ask, just what are the overall limitations to Blender’s dynamics system when it comes to a collaborative production?

Soft bodies and cloth won’t work with referencing? What about particles, fluids, etc?

Can you cache these simulations to a networked file for rendering on a renderfarm? Will that caching allow you bring that into a referenced file?