softbody cloth help

i’m trying to recreate the curtin from the picture

and my curtins are all stiff and it doesnt blow harder in the middle

there it might work now

the link to your pic looks broken for now… sorry, I can’t help! Here are a few hints to look at:

in the first batch of buttons, at which value did you set Grav (9.81) and Mass (around 0.5)?

did you use weight painting on your curtains? in the second batch of buttons, did you toggled on ‘Use Goal’ and selected the painted group ?

in the third batch of buttons, which value of E Stiff did you use? I guess 0.75 should be alright for a curtain, with a high E Damp value (1).


the gravity is set and the mass is 1
no i did not use weight painting i used vertex groups and goal
E Stiff is .7
E Damp is .5

here is a pic

and the settings

do you know any good free webhosts? or image hosts because the links dont work and ive always had trouble with my host

Try .


I found a good webhost so here are my images… finally.
Here is the curtin I am trying to get to look right.
Here are the settings for the curtin.