Softbody Clothes....figure, and help

need help…

ive got a human.
ive got a shirt.
i put the shirt on the human. (and it fits)
turn on softbody and gravity 10 for the shirt.
set deflect on the human under particles.
make the human a parent to the shirt.
make a short animation which moves the human right.
shirt stays on human (phew) but keeps on swingin like an elastic band through the human…and then later falls off… :frowning: why?


ok i added some pins…so it doesn’t fall off…

but it is still extrememly elastic and when it sways, it goes through the human even though i put the deflect on! WHY!

This one’s going to take some playing with settings! Try pushing the Inner and Outter setting up in the person’s particle deflection settings and try to make the shirt a little firmer (say, by turning on Stiff Quads)

Either way - Take some time to play with the settings. Eventualy you’ll get something satisfactory and you’ll never be ableto duplicate it again!

do you know how to make it so that it is the same as what it was before (elastic and stretchy) but just that it doesn’t go through the human AT ALL?

i tried the stiff quads,didn’t do anything…upped the inner and outer, still no difference…except it doesnt swing as much. still goes through the huamn.


You could try vertex painting the top and side of the shirt pixels to (Um I think 1, could be 0, I can never remember which way round it goes!) to stop softbodies applying to those parts so only the bottom of the shirt and the underside of the sleeves moves around.

When it comes time to move the arms of the person so the shirt follows, you can start having fun with such beasts as hooks and vertex parenting!!

what is vertex painting?

Sorry - Vertex weight painting.

Telling each vertex to what extent it partakes in some deformations. (I think it applies to bones as well)

The menu in the 3D window that shows “Edit Mode” or “Object mode” will also give you the option to change to “Vertex Paint”

The display will show faces with vertecies coloured between red(0) and blue(1)

Have a play with it and have fun.

I have to go and have dinner now so I’ll check back later.


im painting blue… how do i make it paint red?

cant you just make the human completely solid so that its impossible for the clothe to go through it?

sorry about the triple post. i know about the edit button. i got it fixed. no need to answer.

I thought softbodies didn’t work well with deflection and were not yet compatible with hooks??

I have some similar problems. Too long to explain for the moment.

Softbodies were not designed for clothing simulation.

In my experience, I couldn’t do anything to effectively use a deformable mesh as a deflector. Moving meshes are also hard, because it may move through the softbody before the deflection is applied…

To get rid of the heavy rubber feel, turn the weight down (its in the cluster of buttons at the top of the softbody panel).

If you’re looking to do capes and the like, you’ll want to use some hooks and/or armature…

For a shirt, parent it to the same armature as the body, then use tolobán’s transfer vertex weights script (find it here). After that, add another vertex group (typically called “GOAL” or “SOFTGOAL” or somesuch) which will be used to indicate which parts of the shirt should be free to ‘wobble’ and which should not. You can achieve some pretty good effects this way.

Good luck.