softbody collision

i made a ramp and i want a ball to roll down it. I put soft body on the ball, eliminated use goal and put deflection on the ramp, but the ball just falls through the ramp, why is that?

Any help would be appreciated

The ball falls because the ball doesn’t have a Goal to define a point from which geometry should spring. Turn on Goal and it probably won’t drop because all geometry is now set as a goal. Use a Loc IPO to ‘drop’ it and the edgeloops of the ball will just crumble when it hits the ramp (because it’s a softbody and not a RigidBody).

There’s a tutorial in the Tutorials section on how to use the GameEngine to 1) use RigidBody Physics to do what you want and 2) how to record the result to IPO’s.


Soft body collision is not tied to goals.

The setup you describe should work provided
a. ramp and ball share a common layer
b. the face normals of the ramp are pointing outside ( up )


k thanks guys