Softbody Dynamics only utilizes 20% off 1 core??!!


I’ve been struggling with soft-body dynamics in Blender 2.64.
I have a 12 core i7, with 32GB ram, and GTX560 Ti.

I’ve set up a simple scene with one collider object, and about 35 (standard) uv spheres with soft body dynamics enabled, bouncing off a flat plane. The project is 120 frames long, and takes 4+ hours to get to 93 frames.

Nvidia system monitor shows that only 1 cpu is working on the physics calculations, and working at 20%. I’m using 11% of ram, and 3% gpu usage.

Can anyone PLEASE tell me what’s wrong? Is this normal? Is there some settings I need to adjust to optimize my system?

Thanks in advance.

As far as I know, the simulations aren’t multithreaded. I’m currently baking a smoke sim and it’s only using one of my eight cores. GPU has nothing to do with baking as far as I know. Although, the one core that’s being used is at 100% Are you baking to external files over a network or something?