softbody glitch or am i doing something wrong?

I made a character and put it into a movie my daughter shot. It’s just a skull with a cape. Every scene went fine except the very last part of the last scene. the skull character dies and the cape breaks up into little pieces and blows away. When I hit alt-a or bake I get this result:

but when I hit the animation button, I get this:

I can’t figure out why it’s rendering something completely different from the preview. The only theory I had was that it was because I made a bunch of duplicates of the original cape, cut them up and just kept the parts I wanted. In the past I’ve encountered errors when duplicating objects, but usually I make them single user and everything works fine. In this case, that doesn’t seem to help.

Here’s the blend file:

If anyone could take a look and figure out what went wrong it would be greatly appreciated.

I figured it out. It was one of two things (or a combination of both). First of all I had both Softbodies and Cloth enabled. While I’m not sure if that contributed to the glitch, it certainly wasn’t necessary for my purposes. Also I used subsurf and had the render level set to 3 and the preview level set to 1. It turns out those levels have to be the same when you are using cloth. The cloth physics are based on a post subsurfed mesh which explains why the render was different than the preview. Hat tip: dak77 at cgtalk.