SoftBody Hairs...

Cool improvements on the hair-system: softbody-movement…

also look at:

great work by jahka!!

Wow! that’s amazing! Does it need a huge amount of power? Is it baked? When is this coming out?

Sorry about this double post - and for posting before reading that mediawiki page.

Wow! that’s amazing! Does it need a huge amount of power? Is it baked? When is this coming out? I’m domonstating the power of blender tomorow, and I’ll be using that clip!

I’m seriously looking forward to trying Jahka’s hair plugin.

I can’t view the .avi, but it seems that Blender’s particle system will have a huge upgrade once this is finished:D

way cool. and (only :slight_smile: a year of coding effort. Well Done!

OMG, so incredible! That will be perfect for simulating a supermodel flipping back her hair. :smiley:

@Cyborg Dragon: try playing the video in VLC media player, it played fine for me with that. WMP wouldn’t play the file.

That looks just sweet. No questions about it.

Windows media player worked fine on my end for the avi. Fantastic hair animation!

HOLYCRAPYAY!!! :D:D:D1!!~!!one eleven

Haha! Frigging awesome.!!!
now now, compose yourselves…

ok wow. that is um… very exciting.

So we will be able to do long hair like in the Incredibles.:stuck_out_tongue:

Man, that - kicks - ass.

Still not as good as “hair” for C4D, but it’s pretty darn close. Plus… it’s free. I like free!!

just wondering will there be support sometime in the future for styling and or haircut features? That is of course if it wasn’t already mentioned and I just failed to see it.

holy freakin crappppp i want to try doing something like that now haha
its like subliminal messaging but using 3D software and patch to convince people haha

Thankyou all! your excitement gives me so much more drive to get things finished!

grafixsuz: not quite yet… but hair styling is planned in the future :slight_smile:

oh my good, that looks great,

maybe not for hair at the moment, but for elements like curtains or others perfectly,
or simulating a toothbrush.

jahka great job.

with time other functions will come.


ahhh dont forget paint brush man!