Softbody on armatures

I’m wondering are there any plans to add softbody for armatures? Sometimest it will be much faster to add softody for i.e. tail bones, than to compute softbody for whole mesh.

It is planned =)

Cool :slight_smile:
Can you reveal when?

when it’s ready :wink:

Though something like a tail following a character is more like a doll effect and that’s the job of rigidbody, am I right?

Sometimes it can be ready for a week and sometimes for a year. I prefer week :wink:
You are right. It’s rather rigid body ragdoll.

To be able to assign bones as Goal and possibly use Envelopes as Min and Max values.


I have heard the term “Rag Doll” used several times and assumed is could be
used to simulate body limbs realistically.

Is this correct?

If so is it implemented in any of the game engines currently?

If not is it being planned? :-?

I have the newest Bf-Blender test build with the game engine physicics baking and if ragdoll physics are already possible, I’d love to test them out.

If anyone has any idea about this, please post a follow up.

Yes that is correct, game engines do use ragdoll, especially noticable in Half-Life 2 when you hack dead people with your crowbar :smiley: