Softbody Pinning???

how do you pin a softbody in game engine for the 2.48 test build.

With a rigid body constraint… (hinge or ball)
Look at the examples in this thread

LB I think he means like this:

I have been messing with the build today and I haven’t seen anything about pinning but may be Erwin can help

Thats just a rendered cloth simulation in 2.46. I dont think its the same for the ge

Pinning of soft bodies can be done using rigid body constraints indeed.

Just read this Soft Body document:

And carefully watch how the cloth is pinned/attached. You can attach to a rigid body, or leave it empty and just create a fixed pin. It automatically takes the closest vertex of the cloth.

Check out pinning_cloth.blend or rtrb_flag.blend in the following zipfile:

Note that the flag is pinning to the moving flagpole, it can be moved using the cursor/arrow keys. Delete the flagpole, and the cloth has ‘fixed’ pinning.

Hope this helps,

I know that =P but it shows pinning

and thanks Erwin

oh thanks i tried the rigid body joints and it worked decently