Softbody Projects (Update: Page 2!)

  1. Grass in the wind using softbody and wind.

I started working with softbody about a month ago and I have a couple of animated projects. Here I try to simulate grass in the wind.

Blend file cooming soon.

its a nice effect.
waiting the .blend

The .blend is 912K , anyone know where I can upload it?

Everyone alse can post their softbody experiments too. I want this to be an educational thread so we can get more people aquainted with Blenders’ softbody system . I think the end result will be more dynamic animation and images throughout the community. :smiley:

What a convenient little thread. I just came over here to this section in hopes of finding some help on a softbody project of my own :).

I am trying to get some letters to melt. I enabled softbody on a trial letter and let it drop onto a surface with deflection. I came up with this:

Click here to watch 0001_007511

Two problems I immediately notice… the final result ends up square! How can I make it melt into a rounded puddle of sorts? What is constraining it to the cross section of the letter?

If you watch closely at the end of the video, the blob bubbles a little bit. How can I make it settle out a little more quickly?


You’ll have to set a blob shape as the softbody goal.

about the grass, i love it, its the best looking grass, i have seen for a very long time, but one crit;

the movement of the grass is, lets say too ‘jelly’ like, its not loose enough, it should move more when the wind hits it, when i say ‘move’ i mean it should bend over more. Ohhh! , i found a great word, its too ‘springy’

other than that, its absolutely brilliant grass, and i wish i could create it that well! :wink:

How do I do that? Any docs or tuts on the subject of setting a goal up?


The .blend can be found here.

Tell me what you think and I want to see if people can come up with more realistic results. Have fun!

Anyone try the .blend ?

I attempted to use softbody effect on (static particle)'s force, And it turned out fine. Static Fur and Softbody

I’d like to see a Don King animated cartoon, with his hair blowing in the wind, just like that animation at the top of this thread. :smiley:

Hi Kashoki! Enjoyed the grass film. Great work! Been reading a lot about how Softbodies can’t be used for things like grass and fur, so glad you cracked that one open. Tried to download your .blend file and get the following message ‘No database selected’. Hope maybe to see it still. Keep it up :wink:

i’m interested in the .blend, but the page says it’s out of service

Yeah… I just cheeked it out and they are out of service. Seems they are updating the site. Sorry.

But if you want it right away just PM me with your email and I will send it manualy. :slight_smile:

Happy blending !

PS, I am now getting softbodyes to also work with solids…still needs some tweeking but will be here shortly.

Could someone please explain how I set the goal of my lettr up to form into a puddle at the end of the animation?


I actualy don’t know this one…I know how to set weights but not have an end shape. Try making a thread in the Blender General Forum. :frowning: Sorry , that’s all the help I can give you.

:smiley: Hahaha :smiley: sounds like a Maylox commercial! :smiley:

you can upload your stuff to

That grass animation is really good.
Keep up the good work!