SoftBody simulation slower for anyone?


today I’m the one asking a question :wink:

SoftBody animation tends to get slower to calculate than previous releases at baking or [Alt]+[A] stages. Obviously, it’s slower when I use Deflections, but even a SB grid 32x32 over a default sphere (deflection ‘on’) is painfully long to calculate on less than 50 frames…

I use the official blender-2.40-linux-glibc232-py24-i386-static build on a linux x86_64 computer (Turion64, 512 Mb memory, no accelerated 3D).

Anyone experimented the same behavior?

Thanks for your input.


I dont know… but this build has fast sofbodies and it’s quite new too (dec 20). And they truly are faster. But it seems the softbodies are for windows only :-?

Thank you. Unfortunately, I’m a Linux user. Will wait :wink:

I’m running Linux and the softbodies aren fine for me… I’ll do a comparison between the 2.4 alpha and 2.4 later and see if I notice anything drastic… :stuck_out_tongue: