Softbody simulation to bones transformation

I would like to have softbody simulation translated to bones transformation. I need it to be able to export animation to a game engine (not Blender GE). The engine doesn’t support vertex animation, it supports bones only. So I was thinking if it is possible somehow to preserve secondary motions such as softbody hair movement or ropes and convert soft body animation into animation of bones that attached to those vertices with softbody.
Is it possible?

sorry but no
i have a “record soft bodies to IPOs” on my to do list … not so hard to do… hum … well … if some talented ( finish blink blink ) coders like to jump in … I’d give a hand :slight_smile:

on the other hand … how should vertex motion be translated to bones if you want to preserve ‘everything’ … sure you could use python API to crop a frame based offset mapping … hum … may be thats what you 're looking for …

You can do a very, very simple mesh, parent an Empty to each articulation and then use bones (parented/tracked) to go from Empty to Empty.
At last, you can use those bones to deform the real mesh.
I can’t explain it better in English, but it sould work