Softbody/SSS tests

Blender is awesome.

WOWOWOW! Those look dang sick, animation please? Ha, I gotta try this out…

SSS settings please

Blender RULEZZz !!

free_ality: Ha, thanks, I’ll try to render an animation but of course it’ll take a while… SSS;).

Nice renders. However, it looks to me like your cloth is going through itself. You can correct this by turning on self collision in the softbody settings.

Try and see how low you can get the SSS quality without getting those nasty square artifacts. It can speed up times a lot.

But yeah, it still looks beautiful as it is captured in the middle of its flowing beauty.

Sentimental moment over. Keep it up!

how did you get the cloth in that position ?
did you place an object and just let the cloth fall on it ?

share blend file perhaps ? :o

BlendRoidL: It is going through a bit, but self collision is on.:confused:

free_ality: It’s already pretty low, but I’ll see if it goes any lower.
Ah yes, nothing like getting sentimental about SSS and softbodies…:rolleyes:

blaize: I just let it fall on Suzanne, and for some reason it kind of went through, but was disturbed so it kind of tumbled into a ball. Complete accident at first, actually!:smiley:

awesome! your renders are really nice