softbody to static?

is there a way to convert a softbody back to a static mesh while maintaining the soft body effect on a particular frame?

i mean, if i were setting up cables and i wanted a realistic drape, could i make it a softbody, get it to drop naturally, pick a resulting frame and make it static?

if not, no worries, but i thought it might be helpfull.

Run thru the frames until it is at the static point you want and then Bake the softbody. It adds the deformation information in the form of IPO curves. Then go into the IPO window and delete all the curves, while staying on that one frame, so the mesh stays the same. Then re-setup the softbody.

Is that what you mean?


yeah, thats pretty much what i wanted.
but i dont get any curves in the ipo window. :-?
it bakes fine, i know how it works, but i dont have anything to edit or delete beyond the entire bake. eh, im starting to think its not worth the effort.

So ?

I tryed it too…but no ipocurves … :expressionless:

anyone ?

I once asked a similar question related to fluid dynamics, i.e. I wanted to make a certain frame in a fluid animation “static”. I have no idea, if this also works for softbodies, but the following thread might be of help:

Coool… :smiley:

Yes that’s working like that : bake and then use script apply deformation

thank you elven