Softbody Tutorials wanted

Hey, i cant seem to find any tutorials on softbodies except the vid. tutorial…

Does anyone know any good ones… or can write one?

Thanx… Jessethemidget

No, I don’t know of any written tuts, but if you’d like, I might be able to get one up in a couple of days or so.

^That wouldbe great!

OK, I’ll try to get one up as quickly as possible. It may be a couple of days, because I have to write a lecture for a Blender course that I am teaching.

Theres a “Getting Started” section in the softbody release logs:

See near the bottom :slight_smile:

These aren’t extremely in-depth, but they should help you get up and running. Let me know if you have any questions (I wrote them).

THANKS!!! this really helps.
i loook forward to that tutorial artofwot2