Softbody without physics?


Is it possible to create a softbody, that reacts only to collisions, but not to any other forces like gravity, etc.

I reduced already all Field Weights to zero, but without effect.

For Information.
It is needed for the straps of a backpack. As the character is moving very fast, I am getting a lot of trouble with the physics. The only reason I am using a softbody is, that I want the straps to move, when the character is bending, so the straps don’t intersect with the character body.

You can disable Gravity in the Scene Properties.

Thanks, I didn’t know this setting. Unfortunateky this solves only a part of my problems.

The straps are connected via goal and child of constraint to the backpack itself.

When I move the character inkluding the backpack around, the straps are affected by the physics of the movement and get deformed. I would like to get rid of it as well.

If somebody knows a solution without a softbody, it would be very welcome.

See this video.

There is something that might be something you look for.