Has anyone had success with softbody cloths on a rigged character? As in the cloths reacting the the rest of the body?

Not yet. I’m still working on it (as are others here). Bjornmose has indicated that the newest CVS (and the upcoming 2.4) can handle collisions with animated deforming meshes.

The calculations take forever though, and I haven’t had the time to run a complete test cycle yet…

Just play with it and see what you get…

Figured it’s on the tip of Blender development. I’ll look at the CVS version of wait a few months for 2.4. Blender is just amazing.

I’m working on the big matrix cruncher right now, but don’t expect miracles.

It’s always a good idea to use an invisible low poly proxy collider ( hint : use layers for that ) rather than the original mesh.



Great to know softbodies is still being worked on. Any chance of finding a way of preventing self-intersection anytime soon?