softbodys clothing animation trouble

I’m trying to animate a character with clothing on him but when I try to bake the softbodys on the clothing, blender freezes up as soon as the character (who has softbody deflection) starts to move.

softbody can be very slow, especially with complex meshes and self collision etc. so maybe blender doesn’t freeze, but it just starts to calculate. so, try to bake softbody before you hit alt-a…


You can turn on monitor print outs to the console.
The ‘M’ button on the soft body collision panel.
Well … then try to set the error limit to 1/2 of the average edge length in the mesh.
Try to weaken the edge stiffness.
Set MinS to something like 10.
You can set MaxS to something like 200 but then the system can become unstabe.

Finally you may want to read about pitfalls with self collision there

Still a 2k vertex mesh colliding with some proxy objects may take up to 30 seconds to get a frame done.

Hope that helps.