soften edges of embossed lettering

Hi, I’m brand new to Blender and I’m trying to create a bar of soap, but I cannot figure out how to soften the edges of embossed lettering. I’ve attached a photo of the bar I’m trying to model. I found an online tutorial where someone did it with a gold bar. What they did looks great, but the tutorial was so complicated and fast that I found it impossible to follow.

What output format are you using? Are you trying to render a PNG with a transparent/colored background?

The simpler way could be by using a B/W image to displace the model.

You can do this in two ways:
• by a subsurf modifier with a quite high amount of subdivision levels, followed by a displace modifier using the image as texture; it should give rounded edges to the carved text. If necessary you can use a smooth modifier after it to smooth the result.
The map could be comprehensive of the bumps and irregularities of the surface, and could even be blurred a bit for a better rounding.

• in Cycles engine, by True displacement, but I don’t think it would be advantageous in this case, apart from the fact that in the material nodes you can combine multiple maps to displace the object (e.g. the text and the bump).

Note: if you should get artifacts, use a 16 Bit B/W map.


I’m planning on animating it and using it in video

Thank you! I don’t understand all of this yet, but I will. This is very helpful.