Soften effect and how to achieve

I’m using afray to render out my image, but what is the best way to achieve that soft slight haze effect? I’m figuring lighting and ambient occulsion will play a part, but what settings are best? Does ambient occlusion even go into effect if Yafray is used, because it doesn’t seem to make a difference when I tweak the AO settings? Here are some images I’ve come across that is close to what I’m referring to.

Generally, I favor the ol’ trial and error method, but waiting on these experimental renders for the right effect is getting me anywhere it seems.


have you tried radiosity?

Maybe glow plugin?

the blurry/hazy effect looks more like post-pro to me… and the first picture appears to have a high-level, quite-high-contrast light setup.

AFAIK AO doesnt have an effect in yafray, and it won’t make any blur/haze in your image anyway.

try teaking in PS/GIMP for such effects

radiosity + glow in sequence editor i think

AO, i take it you want the gainy feel to the image, click sky color, then add the glow in the sequence editor