Softening Edges on Models

I am building a coupler for my present and future railroad models and i have most of the shape done. However the top and bottom edges are far to sharp.

How do i soften them so that they look more realistic?


you may work with bevelling, but blenders internal code does an edge bevel on all edges of the mesh. alternative there is in the 3D-views menu the point “Mesh->Scripts–>BevelCenter”. With this python script you maybe able to do your stuff.
just select these edges you want to “smooth”, put in the wanted bevel size and hit the “Bevel” button. you can do some additional properties also.

When you change the value after hitting the bevel button, you can see changing shapes interactively.
But also do not forget to EXIT the script when you have your wanted results.

thats a useful script. Thanks for pointing it out.