Softer edges with texturing

look at the attached image please, I’ve been trying to get the edges where the walls meet the floor to look a bit more normal. The wall is really dirty, and the floor is too clean.

Anyone have any advice on how to darken the edges of the floor a little? I don’t like having to mess with my textures all the time, only to find out that i messed up and have to do it all over again.

this is kinda my first texturing trial and error scene.


you could use a coloband to change th side color of you flloor

it may work otherwise you might have to load up an image with texture you want to see

may be a little noise on the floor and wall would help
make it loo more realistic

you could put some dirty spots on the floor
look at the 3drepository for spoted dirt procedural textured

if you don’t find let me know i’ll give you one