Softimage XSI 4.0 annoyances

I recently ordered Softimage XSI 4.0 Advanced, the student license. It arrived today.

I am very annoyed with their copy-protection system, as it is making installation a huge hassle. It would make sense that the copy-protection system would make illegal copying and installation a pain in the ass, but it really bothers me that it also makes it a pain in the ass to do legal installations.

Oh well. At least I only have to do it once (which, in actuality, has already involved three attempts). And yes, I read the documentation. There were still problems that arose that were not dealt with in the documentation. I worked them out, but sheesh…

Anyway, this annoys me to no end.

And if anyone is curious as to why I got XSI instead of sticking to Blender, it’s because it’s the software that the school I’m going to uses, so this way I can work on stuff at home, too. Also, XSI does have more capabilities than Blender. I will never leave Blender, but now I have another tool to use depending on the requirements of a given project.

actually you might get more response if you post your complaint at
there are far more XSI users than here I suppose :wink:

and yes.xsi has more sofisticated functions…I just messed around with the XSI experience a bit(actually the watermark in the renders are not that big and one can clone them out)

if you speak spanish I can give you a link for a 4h video tutorial
pm me

I purchased XSI 4.0 Foundation during Siggraph mainly because I wanted to learn it as well as be able to use it professionally once I had learned it and it came with a bunch of the learning materials for free. Plus they had lowered the Foundation version price to $495. Unfortunatly… Haven’t had much time to work with it yet… Installation went very easy for me. Now I just need to clear out some freelance projects so I can dedicate some time to learning it. Still love blender… just want to learn as much as possible. Can’t hurt to know yet another 3d program. Blender, Lightwave and now XSI. I also learned on 3DStudio (DOS Days) and Max back in college.

Every app has at least some strength’s and weaknessess over others. And all have different workflows. With all the features XSI has like those other big budget apps it’s going to take you a little while to learn to use everything.

I purchased xsi Foundation, and truely love it…:slight_smile:

I really needed that animation power…:slight_smile:

BTW, a pitty about hair ripped, but hey, one can’t have it all, hehe. Anyway,I’m all about realtime 3d games.

I had zero issues installing/registering it…

Must be something with the student versions.

BTW, I keep helping other indies to get initiated with blender for at least what they basically need for their game engines…

Softimage can make some great-looking stuff, if you want to see what it can do, just play Riven. You’ll be awed. However, I have also heard that it is a program that can make grown men cry. Be wary.

Grown men cry? How can it do that?

Grown men cry? How can it do that?[/quote]
It kicks you hard in the bean bag…