Softimage - XSI Facial Robot Animation Tools

Softimage - XSI has a new facial control tool. They previewed it at Siggraph.

You can see the animation here

Very impressive tool.


Wow, some of those renders look fantastic. Looks even better than the facial animation in Shrek to me.

I couldn’t find back where on their website (was posted on 3dtotal a few days ago), but anyway they got that new gigapolygone core in XSI also.

It can handle alot of poly…more than anything I,ve seen before. As an example in the video they guy have a head model. Nothing too complex, but it’s just an example. It push up the subd level and see how the app react. He push it up to like 20 millions, go into edit mode, show us that you can still edit the mesh with “controlled” lag (even if it’s totally useless to have such anumber of poly on a single head model…but it shows the potential on bigger scene etc…). THen he push up more I think he goes up to about 500millions polys, then just to show you could go even further, he goes into “bound” view (which allow you to see only the general size of hte model by showing a cube) and he push up the subd leve lfurther…going to 1.8 billions polys. And he starts the render…and it renders…he shows the number of ram he’s using and it’s like 2.5gb…which isn’t that bad considering the amount of poly taken in charge…

xsi really looks like a very nice app