Softimage XSI learning packs....

(SimonHK) #1

Has anybody received their XSI learning packs?
How long did it take from when you ordered?

regards all


(sten) #2

I haven’t got it yet either :frowning:


(LaWMan) #3

I just wandered what XSI learning packs are?
(Stupid question?) :-?

(Green) #4

I downloaded it from an ftp after I got tired of waiting.

most of the movies are a bit old and can be found on the net

(SimonHK) #5

Softimage are on the learning bandwagon with a learning edition of XSI (save disabled etc…) plus the full documentation as “actual paper”. You can order it at their site, its free, and it takes “4 to 6 weeks” to arrive…


(Monkeyboi) #6

Or… You can download the entire warez version of Softimage XSI 2.0

(DAK) #7

Someone please ban this guy. I am sick and tired of seeing people talking about pirating either Blender publisher or another 3D app.

(SKPjason) #8

I ordered the XSI package back when the link was first posted in message board…

I just got it in the mail the other day…

([email protected]) #9

Hi SimonHK,

I glad someone asked about the XSI,

Ordered mine on Feb.28 (7 weeks and 6 days ago)

and still no softimage!

I guess for the price i`m paying i could be a bit more patient,

but not much :wink:


(kevin3d) #10

BTW, the Maya PLE exports shockwave 3D. If Blender Creator comes back without Publisher (as Ton seemed to indicate was a possability), it would do well to have an advanced shockwave export feature…

(LethalSideP) #11

I know. I’ve had a fair experience with this *&^%( CD too. I sent off for it the day info was posted about it on the site (yes, it was still up back then - that long ago… :frowning: )

Anyway, after about 4 weeks I got a printout in the post telling me all about XSI 2. Well, great…but no CD!!

I promptly got in touch with Avid’s UK office and asked them why the CD hadn’t come with it. After about a week of waiting they finally got back to me and said that the sheet was as well as, not in place of, the CD, and that it should be with me within a week, and to email them if it hadn’t.

Two weeks went by.

I promptly sent another email to them asking where it had got to. After a lot of umming and erring by Avid, they finally just passed my name on to an Avid reseller, who seemed to think I just wanted their contact details!!! One more angry email later, and they assured me the CD was in the post. That was two weeks ago. And you know what? I’m still waiting.

It seems Avids handling of this has been less than perfect… I guess it’ll be worth it coz I get to learn XSI 2 inside out, and it comes complete with training videos, which is more than Maya PLE have done. Even so, it would be kinda nice to see the CD once in a while :frowning:

Has anyone else had anything quite like this? Be interesting to hear if it’s an isloated incident…

And I fully agree with the banning thingy. Once is a warning, twice is enough. If he wants to use that stuff, then fine, but don’t pollute this website with it.


(slikdigit) #12

well, Ijust got mine, but my primary 3d machine is a linux box. I had specified linux as my primary OS on their site, but I have the feeling the experience cd comes only in windows flavour. I’m gonna try contacting avid to see if they have a linux experience cd, but I’m not holding my breath.

(SimonHK) #13

For those who have received it, whats the documentation like?


(LethalSideP) #14

Maybe it’s fate or something, but I got home after posting that message, and there were my XSI packs!!! (2 of them, no less LOL).

The documentation is in the form of movies. Very high res movies too, which is handy coz it menas you can see exactly what they’re doing in XSI. Unfortunately, if you’re limited to 1 hour’s PC use a day, then you can’t print it out and learn in the meantime. :frowning: :x

But (once you’ve got the codec working!) the movies are very good. And you get a demo of XSI 2 in the bag as well (NO 30 DAY LIMIT!!! WOOHOO!!!).

Worth waiting for, IMHO, but there could be some improvements…(documentation we can print and speed of delivery, for example).

Take care y’all

([email protected]) #15

Hi all,

I just received my XSI CD`s today (YaY),

for additional XSI training, you can go to 3D buzz .com.

Buzz has been making Training videos for Maya and Max and now for
the XSI.
(which are very well done,I might add )

look for the “register for the Free training CD” banner
at the top of his home page


(sten) #16

Yes !!

I got my XSI CD kit today as well !!

very nice…I will look into it as soon as I get home :slight_smile: