Software Design And Development Australian HSC Major!!!

For my HSC (Higher School Certificate) major, We were given the choice of any programming language and anything to program from a game or what ever tickles your fancy!

I have chosen to do a Internet Cafe Management System where on the customer’s side its basically opens up with a themed login screen which changes every time people log in at a random choice. Theres menus for games, Internet browsing, programs, storage, network capabilities and more. But on the staff side theres things such as screen surveillance, Computer kicking/banning, account records, Virus scan etc. And all of this I want to do in blender where the customer would be done in the game engine hopefully and staff too.

As I’m typing this, I’m having second thoughts about how this can all happen in the engine and if I’m posting this in the right spot so can anyone tell me if theres anything to point out or lead me to something that can help me make this?

This is really important to me so please give me everything you’ve got!

In short - It’s great to see the enthusiasm, but it’s the wrong platform for that type of application.

Using Blender to create an internet cafe is like asking Tiger Woods to pilot the space shuttle. They’re both brilliant at what they do, but not at what you’re asking for.

Do you know any programming languages? Java might be a good way to go? Perhaps something else in the Unix world?

[Edit] Taking another look, you might want to think about a web technology like PHP or jsp on an Apache web server.


So which one should be the best to go for?

And I was thinking of doing this in 3D or 2D if possible

EDIT - Double Post. Sorry.

Well, 1D would be an Hell of an interface!

Plan exactly what you want ON PAPER before deciding on the technology.

Hi JaX2MiLz,
Perhaps you must look at this project. It could help you to understand what can be do in python and Blender (i know it’s a new’s reader of the blender site in 3d, not exactly what you want to do). You could search for BZoo too, it’s a network game template with 3d chat in the game engine.
Good Luck,
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