Software for adding sounds for animation

Hi! If I make long animation that requires a lot of sounds like footsteps and other, what’s the best software to do this quickly? Adobe audition seems to be fairly good but it’s really not the best I believe.

I like Audition quite a bit but basically any modern sound editor allows you to bring in a rendered movie so you can synch up effects for foleying.

audition is good too, just isn’t there any specific software dedicated to this?

I personnally did my short animation sound edition with Blender that handles this task really well.

Amazing animation, but 4 years is far too much for practicly any project, even game development.

that was not 4 years for the sound, the sound editing took a very short period of time, the process is really easy.

I mean the overall time, not the sounds :DDD Of course not! :smiley: That would be crazy!

In Vectorian Giotto you can easily make animations with audio effects or accompanying music.

In this version of Vectorian Giotto you can add sounds that will play in the background of your animation. To do this open an animation sequence, left-click on an existent frame2 on appropriate layer you wish to apply your sound, then open Insert menu, then left-click Sound. The browser window will popup in the previously used location. Then find the appropriate sound file, select it and click Open. You can now see that the selected layer has in its frames oscilloscopic line of a sound file. This means that the sound has been applied to the animation. You can also see that the name of selected sound file has appeared in your Library. For hearing the final result you must see the animation in exported form it cannot be done using play preview option.