Software for creating 6000km+ texture/displacement maps?


I’ve got a project going that requires a detailed displacement map for an object that is about 6000km long.
Wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to software that could be used to achieve such things.

World Machine is currently at the top of my list but I’m holding off purchasing the pro edition so I can get some advice.
I’m thinking that together with the new adaptive micropoly feature I might be able to use it to effectively go from a view from thousands of kilometres away all the way up to a couple of people standing on its surface.
Looking for an all-in-one solution basically.

So far my experiments have included piecing together random displacement maps from terrain party but the resolution is way too small for what I’m after.

This is an example of the UV layout for the longest part of the object:

Unless you have ILM behind your back and Hollywood A grade movie budget I would say forget it. 6000 km textured with closeup detail is not going to happen whichever way you look at it. On the new Independence Day movie the large alien spacecraft were about the same size and were very far from being detailed enough for closeups all around.

Work out your layout and based on that detail only the parts that need it. Procedural textures are always helpful, maybe they are the best solution for what you are after.

Figured it was a long shot. I suppose I’ll hjave to be happy with just having a general idea of what kind of terrain specific areas have so I can then go in and create separate scenes for each required part.

Do you reckon world machine would still be helpful just for the long-range shots? Generate the maps and then just chop them as required for the the UV’s etc etc.

i would suggest to generate seperate level of details of the maps and then switch/blend between them over the animation.

you dont need the full detail for the whole 6000km, you will never see it. only on the parts where you get close enough you would need the high resolution and only if you are close.