Software for user interface/HUD design?

I’m looking for software to animate Terminator-style heads up displays over pre-existing footage. What’s good?

I considered blender, but I’ll need to have text appearing one letter at a time - quite a lot of text - and to my knowledge blender doesn’t do that at all elegantly.

Unfortunately I have very little time to hack around with blender or get to grips with overly unintuitive new software, because I was pleasantly informed this afternoon that the deadline is Monday.

Hence this desperate plea: Can anyone suggest any good 2d animation programs?

EDIT: Oh yeah: I’m using Windows at work but have a laptop running Ubuntu at home.

There is surprisingly little good 2D animation software.
I would try to use Blender if you are familiar with it. You can put 2D textures on a bunch of planes and animate those.
For the text, I would suggest using screen capture software (Camtasia?) to record yourself actually typing.

Good luck.

You can let text be typed by a script link.

Enable scriptlink and press Alt-A to see it work.
To customize edit the textobjects list in hte script, and enable this script as a script link for each object you wan to be typed.

Rob: that was good thinking; I typed in notepad and found some online stopwatches to record. Pretty much everything else is geometric stuff that’s easy in blender.

You’re right about the lack of 2d apps. Whatever happened to synfig? Looks like it’s died. Inkscape’s going to take it up one day, but doesn’t look like that’s happening any time soon.

foom: I didn’t know you could do that - playing around with it now.