Software OpenGL for laptops

I recently bought a HP NC4000 laptop. I am very happy with it, except Blender in XP is really slow. This is due to the fact that has a ATI Mobile Chip in it. However I recently switched and started using XP/Ubuntu(Linux) and Blender in Linux is REALLY fast. Most of the time it seems to run just as fast as my 1.2 Duron with a GeForceFX 5200 PCI in SuSE 8.2.

So, if you have issues with Windows/ATI/OpenGL. Try software rendering in Linux. It worked for me on my 1.4 Pentium M with 1MB Cache, and 512 MB RAM.

BTW, the NC4000 is incredible. All the above at 3.5 lbs. Love this thing…

(End of shameless linux plug)

you’re saying software rendering in linux is faster than in windows?

… somehow I’d disagree, but if you want you can try compiling mesa in windows

or you can try my compile [copy this dll into your blender folder or path] [copy/paste url, 475k]

you could also try installing the proper drivers [16 bit color is woth trying too], even newer intel video chipset based laptops run blender reasonably