Software/Photoshop/Gimp Plugin for Seamless textures?

I’m surprised I can’t find this easily with a google search. It seems like a no-brainer to have software that tiles a texture and allows you to edit in such a way that the edits apply to each side of a seam. It doesn’t have to be photoshop or anything I just need something that will give me the tools to edit out seams to make textures that tile well.
I know you can do it in photoshop but for whatever reason I just never get good results.
I’m very comfortable with photoshop so a plugin would be optimal but I’d be happy with anything. Appreciate any help! :slight_smile:

Low Frequency Even:
For GIMP 2.8 you have a modification that some time I was downloaded from GimpChat. It appears as an attachment to the end of this post.

Also, G’MIC filter under Patterns > Make Seamless.


And “Make Seamless Advanced”:

Also you can search about how to create seamless textures with “resynthesizer”:

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I think Seamless texture maker is best for you, It is useful plug in for texture artists. In two clicks you can create seamless texture from image.

  • automatically blending edges to remove “seam” effect
  • split image into 4 layers - convenient for further editing
  • overlapping if you want to post process image manually
  • automatically make square texture (optional) - if you want to make power-of-two texture for game
  • no repeating pattern effect
    Of course, sometimes you need to use stamp tool or eraser tool to make texture looks better. But it is super-easy due to auto splitted layers.