Software to share KBD & Mouse

Hi, I have a work station and a laptop. I hate the keyboard from the laptop and the touch pad, so for a while I have been using a package called win2vnc to actually share the mouse and kbd from my desktop without the need for messy kvm ( ok, technicall km ) cables. The package works with tightvnc (or any vnc - although it has crashed on me with ultravnc) and has worked well for me but it has a couple of minor but annoying bugs.

Today I found a different package which basically performs the same functions (synergy) but but seems to be a bit faster and has the added advantage of allowing me to copy and paste accross machines. (BTW both win2vnc and synergy work on either windows or *nix machines and both are opensource). While win2vnc is a breeze to install and get running, synergy takes a while to configure but it appears to be faster and it seems much better integrated.

You can find win2vnc here: and
tightvnc here:

and synergy here:

It is nice to just be able to drive the mouse cursor to the edge of the display and have it appear on the display of the other computer, it beats haveing to be switching keyboards.

I hope this helps somebody.