Software using with blender

Hey guys.I have a small question.I want to know which software do you use with Blender for doing your works better?why and how are they useful for you?

Perhaps you could be more specific on the kind of workflow you’re interested in hearing about.

In general I’ll use…
Photoshop, (texture and image editing)
Substance Painter, (painting textures)
Premier Pro, (video editing)
After Effects, (compositing)
and other 3D programs for doing small specific operations they’re the best for.

Vray 3, for rendering (postpro, my opinion: the fastest free postpro software with fullscreen filter preview, must for postpro, best filters)
LightZone (final postpro)

I use 3D-Coat for building objects, texture painting and retopologizing.
Octane for rendering.
Awesome bump for bump and displacement maps.
GIMP and Krita for image manipulations.
Simple Scan for scanning textures.

I use Blender together with Pharo ( ). Pharo is both a programming language , programming enviroment and virtual OS.

My goal of using Pharo with Blender is two fold

A. Explore live coding as a productive workflow for procedural generation of Graphics.

Live coding sits between common ways of coding and what you may used with nodes. Its basically exactly like coding with other non-live coding languages but it works similarly to nodes that you can put things together without the need to worry about errors and restarting your code. There are errors but you can always fix the error and continue without having to restart code or braking your workflow.

B. Explore the real of visual coding further than simple usage of nodes

the idea here is that 3d graphics have become so complex that it has become also very hard to control with old ways of using a mouse and a GUI. Once you run out of keyboard of shortcuts you realize that there must be better ways to make graphics . I think such way is visual coding. Pharo is essentially a visual coding enviroment, it allow you to connect graphics elements with code and follow a logic similar to using nodes but way more powerful. Question here is whether its possible to form a direct communication with blender, instead of telling Blender exactly what to do , create a visual coding enviroment where you generally say to Blender what you want and Blender comes up with suggestions to ideas you may like. This way working with Blender becomes more similar to working with another artist.

I have named such a project “Ephestos” and its still a long way from accomplishing these goals but I would like to build a workflow around these ideas where I can make a much more “clever” Blender that will “understand” my needs better.