What software do you use besides blender?

Here is what I use when working with blender. The last two are optional lol

1-The gimp for image editing and working on my textures (a open source photoshop is the best description I think).

2-Winamp. I listen to Music while blending :smiley:

3-Mozilla, I usually update my thread in the WIP or focused critique section :stuck_out_tongue:

Gimp, Photoshop, Yafray, VirtualDub, Wings, IrfanView, Video Lan (on occasion for some movies), Premiere (when I have access), and like above Mozilla, Winamp, iTunes, etc.

Blender is phenomenal, and all the extras make it that much better! Most of the above stuff is legally free too! (outside of Photoshop and Premiere, which are expensive for people like me on tight budgets)