Softwrap - Dynamics for retopology, alpha version

I’m releasing an alpha version of my addon. I want feedback from you guys, I could only test on my limited set of models, so I am not sure of how it performs with models not made by me.

I am particularly interested in recorded videos and screen shots but also on feedback on workflow and interface.

You can download the addon from this link, the installation instructions are there as well.

Please note its not ready for production use, and I am mostly sharing to get a sense of what you guys think. There are many bugs I am already aware of and am I going to fix on future versions.


Looks really promising! Do you have some guideilines in terms of polycount? I tried it with a 350k tri scan and a 60k tri generic head topology and seemed too slow (about 1 fps).

Yes, this is one of the problems I am trying to solve, there are some nasty glitches and crashes I have to get rid of before I can release the faster compiled version.

Looks pretty cool though, thanks for letting us try the alpha!

ZWrap alternative? :thinking:

About polycount, the addon should work reasonably fine with up to 100k sculpts and 10k basemeshes. At least on my cheap pc.

Great start. Good luck

Does it still work for 2.83 and 2.9?

Yes, just tested yesterday.

Nice, thanks