Softwrap - Dynamics for retopology

Yes, I am considering gumroad.

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Hey Guys.

Just for improving a bit the workflow of those using Softwrap, I’m going to create some base meshes for anyone who don’t want to spend time making their own.

Full body human and is already on the list, any suggestions of other base meshes you would like to see?

Of course, they will be free and separate from the add-on.

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I actually prefer GumRoad as well; I can appreciate your comments on the presentation over at BM, but I guess for me, GR is simple and quick (paypal), and I’ve purchased a lot of add-ons there over the course of time.

If supporting both isn’t too cumbersome, I’d appreciate any GR links where available…



@WillBellJr @dDar @obsurveyor I added the gumroad option now guys:

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Thanks! Purchased

I just made a video showing the full body retopo process.

This was just a quick and improvised base mesh, I already had a face and a hand here, so I joined everything into a complete body just for the video

I’m going to make better quality meshes and share them later.


It is like watching a horror film about symbiotes, great work!

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[ heavy breathing ]

Hello guys, for those who bought the addon, I would like to know your opinions, I did not finished its development and want to improve it on the future and It would be helpfull to know what do you think about it.

Got it working on linux, I just want to test it a bit more on other distros to be sure.

Hello, I’m just in the process of buying the addon at Blender Market. I miss some more information on why the addon works only on windows. I presume it’s because it uses some external non-python code. If so, it would be welcome information to know the hows and whys.

I’m currently on windows so it doesn’t prevent me from using the addon, but in the future I wouldn’t wish to be tied to a single operating system to use a great tool like this one (or be hindered by some further system dependencies that are outside of Blender).

In any case, it looks like a really really awesome tool and a great time saver, so I’ll be buying it without a doubt. + it’s cool you have a linux version in the works.

This add-on uses C compiled modules to get some extra speed needed for dense meshes, the thing is that you can only run C programs if they are compiled in the target platform, I can compile it for windows and linux(still testing) because I have acess to those instalations but macs are just too expensive for me to buy one, Therefore, no mac version yet.

But I am considering renting a few hours on remote mac server to be able to compile softwrap so not all faith is lost yet.

Hi, I’m a Mac user, if you can help you with this, tell me it. I could compile for you but I don’t know the process or if I need to install some extra applications. I have an iMac 27" i7 with macos 10.13.6

Neither me, thats why I need a mac, to learn how to compile on the platform.

Ok, I hope you learn and all mac users we can use you add-on. Luck!!

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Hey, just to let you know this doesn’t actually link anywhere, and people need to copy-paste it into the address bar.


I will take a free license for my trouble :sunglasses: (Kidding! I’ll probably get this addon once I need it for work)

Hello guys, I made two basemeshes for use with softwrap, I would like to know your opinions about the topology:

Maybe I should make a version without toes?