Softwrap - Dynamics for retopology

First off this looks incredible @Jeacom, I’m a huge fan of softwrap and this looks like it’s taking it to a new level. This is super awesome! Eagerly awaiting getting my hands on this. :slight_smile:

I actually love this engine a lot, and I’m curious if it could be implemented for animation in any way. Obviously it’s not a realistic simulation, but the stability/speed of it makes it super interesting to me as a solution. It reminds me of Pixar’s volume preservation/simple dynamics tool.

Just curious to see what your thoughts on that might be! Regardless, softwrap is very neat and thanks for putting work into it! :slight_smile:

I think it could be made into an animation tool, but I would need to figure out how to bake the frames into a cache and make specific changes for animation such as supporting bones and gravity.

But adding collision support would be the hardest part.


Would you consider offering an option to have these tools appear in the Active Tools, like Hard Ops etc? The right menu is kind of a dumping ground for a lot of addons, and it’s not always the most logical place I find. Some of the most important options could then be exposed in the top bar, with the rest then in dropdowns
I’d be up for taking a swing at a mockup or two, once the tool is usable and I’ve had a play around with it

Not sure about how I would place it in the active tools since it’s actually a bunch of settings and not really a tool per see.

It really needs to be its own panel, with buttons and sliders, but I can move it out of the N panel.

Grease Pencil or Hard Ops aren’t really a tool either, no more than this, right? The settings (buttons and sliders) would just go into the top bar, as they currently do in Hard Ops and Boxcutter etc as well. Have you seen that implementation?

I actually haven’t, I hide my top bar to save some vertical space so most of the time I even forget it exists, I’m also afraid theres not enough space in the top bar for all the settings.

And to be honest, I’m not a fan of the active tools workflow either, so I’m not convinced it would work well.

Then you’ll be glad to hear you can display your settings here :smiley:

I’m not a massive fan of the active tools for simple, one-off stuff like Extrude or Bevel, but for complex stuff like Hard Ops it’s been a massive improvement, in my eyes.

It also enables you to change the viewport drawing etc, which can be useful in a tool like this

Maybe you are right, but I’m struggling to think in a way to make soft wrap work like that, it’s not what I have planned and my brain is struggling to accept turning soft wrap into an active tool as it’s really a set of operators and not a single tool.

I can still move the panel to there even though it’s not an active tool.

I guess I might have to test this to better understand how it works. Check out Hard Ops though, I think it does a good job of adding a bunch of operators to a single tool.

Working on the UI,

I’m worrying that those are too many settings for something thats meant to be simple.

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don’t worry, it doesn’t seem so complicated :wink: