Softy, the Eraser - he walks...

OK, just a few days ago I decided to delve into character animation in Blender. The last time I tried was years ago, but the IKAs scared me away (good thing we have armatures now, the IKAs were so buggy…)

Well, anyways, here’s what I have so far, he is Softy (I have an eraser that looks like this) the eraser. I’ve done the modelling/texturing, the armatures and rigging, RVKs for his mouth, and I am starting to try a few simple animations with him, here’s the first one,
please tell me what you think!


Very nicely done. The walk seems a bit off to me though, I think it is because the leg seems to go straight as the foot makes contact with the ground, but it should straighten as the foot is forward then come down to the ground. Err not sure I explained that very well, but if you examine your walk you should see your leg is completely straight while the foot is still a bit off the ground.

Keep us updated :slight_smile:

That is some cool stuff!

I got to learn how to do that. Did you ever see that movie “Mars Attacks”? Those aliens. I want to do something like that. AAAACK! AAAACK!

Okay, I modified the walk a bit, its not perfect, but hopefully better. Here’s the new version:

Now the next step is to put him into some scene. But I still need to brainstorm some ideas, before I can start a short (2-3 min) animation with him. Anyways, I’ll keep you guys updated!