Sofybody mesh separates

Hey guys, I’m new to blender and I’m trying to practice by recreating effects I see from studios using blender. I am making use of the time being in quarantine to do that.

I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with ManvsMachine, they just released their project named “purple” and I want to recreate the effect you see in this video (0:29 - 0:33).

I tried to recreate my own scene by recreating the mesh, which I did modeling with basic shapes and using an array modifier to copy it. Then applied those modifiers and added a softbody on it. I tried to test it with a simple scene with a sphere but when the two objects collide my mesh separates.

Any help would be appreciated since I’m not sure if the steps I did to create the mesh were correct.


Maybe you have not merged the vertices. If that is the case, it can be fixed by using merge by distance in edit mode or the weld modifier in object mode.

Thanks, I have no knowledge about that yet. I’ll give it a try

Thanks the weld modifier worked for me!

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