Soho Greene St

(alan.zirpoli) #1

Hi everyone, sometimes as “creative vacation” i do some speed scene, forcing my self to accomplish a small scene but in a relative short time. This one take about 8 hour from modeling to lighting and shading, and about a couple of computation time for final shot, wire pass and Post Production.
Hope you like it.

Blender 2.72b + Cycles. PP in Photoshop

Behance Link


(Rodrigo366) #2

Hello Alan, great job.
I would like to learn more about lighting and materials.

(ShadowCamero) #3

Ditto on what Rodrigo366 said. This looks great, especially the wood floor. :slight_smile:

(SpicyPickle) #4

Looks amazing!

How do you make the wireframe renders? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t figure out how.

(alan.zirpoli) #5

Hi thanks both of you. the light setup is nothing fancy. Just a big emission plane on the right (the one in mangenta, the other in green it just for some variation in the reflection of the painting). Plus as you can see there’s no wall so i’ve use the enviorment for fill the shadows but with a very low value.

For the materials too, nothing fancy, the wood ofthe table, chair and the lamp against the wall it’s just a simple diffuse and same for the wall…a good diffuse texture with shadows in it that match your light setup can give you a great result with out even a bump map. Here in the case there’s a bit of it but really subtle.
Floor it’s a standard mix of diffuse and glossy with fresnel as factor…once again the good result is given by the quality of the texture.

(SpicyPickle) #6

How did you get the wireframe look in the 3rd and 4th picture?

Looks good by the way!

(SpicyPickle) #7

My posts don’t seem to be working, but I’ll try again. How did you get the wireframe renders?

(alan.zirpoli) #8

Hey SpicyPickle, well that’s something i’ve really struggled a lot in the past with blender, but now, now there is freestyle!
So basically use freestyle in a second render layer, and you want to deactivate the enviroment, hair and surface options in the render layer setup in order to obtain a clean wireframe with just lines on alpha background so that then you can composite them later in the compositor or with external software like Gimp or Photoshop by saving it as png.

(SpicyPickle) #9

Ok, cool! Thanks!

(Vera.M.J.) #10

Very beautiful! I love the DOF and composition on the second render. Congrats!

(alan.zirpoli) #11

Thanks, even if actually i think it a bit too much! But I’m glad that you like it.

(SterlingRoth) #12

That’s a cool lamp leaning on the wall. Did you come up with that, or is it a designer piece?

(Ivaylo Gogov [ivaydesign]) #13

Hey Alan, this is great render! :slight_smile: Like always
You said nothing fancy, but the result is great. When you mention HI quality textures, you mean something about 2k-4k or more? :slight_smile: cause above 1024 there are so many variations. For example for this render, what size of textures you’ve used? I have always wonder what is your final render size for those kind architectural images before the post pro? Also did do include some render passes in it, like reflection, refraction… etc.?

Thank you in advance

(alan.zirpoli) #14

Hi Ivay, so the floor is 3.5k for instance. But of course textures have smaller dimension in proportion to the area that they cover in the image. About the final render res they are 1500x1950px. you can see the full resolution at the Behance link in the main post just after the descriprion.

(alan.zirpoli) #15

Does anybody of you guys noticed that in the first wireframe image the wire layer does not match the layer below? :smiley: just noticed now

(naresh.blend) #16

masterpiece. every thing looks in harmony. can you please upload fabric node setup, it really looks amazing.

(naresh.blend) #17

masterpiece. every thing looks in harmony. can you please upload fabric node setup, it really looks amazing.